How to make a cashflow forecast

How to make a cash flow forecast

A detailed guide on cashflow forecasting by FreeAgent that can help you: plan out how much you expect to make in sales this year plan how much you expect to spend in costs understand when cash will come into your bank account and leave it Read the article →

FreeAgent Tax Timeline in desktop calendar

See the Tax Timeline in your desktop calendar

The FreeAgent Tax Timeline displays a live projection of how much money you owe to HMRC and when you owe it, so you’ll know how much to set aside for tax bills. You can export the details of your tax deadlines into your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar by following these steps. Read the instructions… Read more »

Find out what entertainment expenses you can claim.

Entertaining people can be a very enjoyable part of being in business – as sharing time, food and drink away from the office can help to build and cement working relationships. But when can you claim tax relief on the cost of entertaining someone, and what about VAT?