Pricing strategies

The purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the more important considerations for small and medium-sized businesses planning to develop or revise their pricing strategies.


For many, 2012 has been a tough year with the adverse weather affecting some businesses while the summer games have had differing effects on business. With the Government struggling to balance the public expenditure against tax revenues there is always the prospect of further stealth taxes around the corner. So, this is a good time of year for a tax check up – are you satisfied you are paying the minimum tax necessary? With a top rate reduction imminent, but the curtailing of a number of well used reliefs, there really is no time like the present to take a step back and look at how you are managing your personal finances and your business, and consider how you might reduce your taxes and/or improve your financial and business strategies.

In this year end guide we consider some of the ways you might act now to help achieve a more secure future for you, your family and your business. Please contact us now to discuss your specific situation and the planning opportunities you could consider before the end of the tax year. Acting now could pay dividends in the future.

Real Time Information (RTI) is a new system being introduced in April 2013 by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the reporting of payroll information, which will effectively require employers and pension providers to provide detailed information to HMRC every time employees are paid rather than through the year end return.


No one wishes to pay more tax than is necessary and good tax planning is an essential component in personal inancial planning. Everyone’s situation is different, and tax rates, allowances and legislation change every year. Without personal tax planning, you may pay more than is necessary. Here are some of the key personal tax issues to consider.

With increases in the rates of tax and reduced tax relief on pension contributions, we can help you plan.

Welcome to our first blog. What do you need to do now to prepare for the start of Real Time Information (RTI) in April next year? What are the tax reliefs that are available for the Christmas season? Real Time Information – are you ready? There are now less than six months until almost all… Read more »


Capital Allowances

If you buy an asset to use in your business that has a life of more than two years, you may not be able to deduct the whole cost from that year’s profits. Instead you may get tax relief over several years as capital allowances.

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