What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 from 25th May 2018.  GDPR will harmonise data protection laws across the EU and will update the current regulations to take full account of globalisation, and the ever-changing technology landscape.  The Regulation will apply to any company processing the… Read more »

Changes in 2018/19

The new tax year started last Saturday and there are some very significant changes for small business owners.   The government often focus on the increases in tax free allowances and tax brackets going up so that we will save money but the decrease in the tax free dividend allowance this year will almost certainly mean… Read more »

Marriage allowance

What is Marriage allowance? Marriage Allowance is a scheme run by HMRC to make taxes on married couples fairer.  It basically reduces the tax bill for couples where one partner is earning most of the income by allowing the lower earner to transfer some of their tax free personal allowance to the higher earner if… Read more »

IR35 Update

IR35 is the legislation that decides whether a contractor is genuinely a separate entity to the business they contract for or whether they are an ‘off-payroll employee’ that is just attempting to avoid tax by operating through a Ltd company. There was a major change in the legislation back in April that saw many contractors… Read more »

We are now running 1 to 1 FreeAgent training sessions for our clients either at our office or elsewhere in Bristol for just £25 +VAT. We will not only give you a guided tour of the software, we will highlight areas that may be particularly useful to your business, use relevant examples from your previous… Read more »

Introduction Since the new legislation on flat rate VAT came in in April thousands of small businesses have been forced into making the change over to standard rate VAT.  It’s clear that the added administration and complexity is putting extra pressure on small business directors so we created this guide to help you when deciding… Read more »

Changes to MTD

What is MTD? Making Tax Digital (MTD) is the name of the government’s plan to ‘simplify’ the tax system and take advantage of technology in order to help people get their tax right and get information to HMRC more promptly. The initial plan was that all companies, self-employed people and landlords earning over £10k would… Read more »

The childcare voucher scheme allows your employer to pay for childcare out of your pre-tax salary under certain circumstances. This can result in £1,000+ in annual savings on tax and NI in some families but there are requirements that need to be met and limits to what can be paid for. This current scheme has… Read more »

Trivial benefits

Figuring out if you need to file a P11D or how to avoid needing one can be a fairly difficult task for small businesses but last year HMRC brought in some new legislation regarding ‘trivial’ benefits in kind that makes the decision a little easier. This change in legislation basically means that employees and directors… Read more »

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