Introducing the FreeAgent Payroll Dashboard

Payroll has become a popular and important part of FreeAgent since they launched their integrated accounting and RTI-compliant payroll system two years ago. The Payroll Dashboard builds on top of this to make it easier than ever to run your business payroll, with better visibility over your payroll figures.

The new dashboard clearly highlights recent payroll activity and what action you need to take next, while also summarising useful data from the entire year.

This is broken down into:

  • a panel showing status of your next pay run, including when this should be filed with HMRC details of the the RTI status for the previous pay run
  • a monthly breakdown of the pay runs for the year so far
  • a summary of all employees on your payroll and an easy way to add new employees or edit existing payroll profiles. year-to-date figures for your total pay, tax and employer NI
  • Over the next few months FreeAgent are planning more improvements to their payroll capability, including support for generating P45 forms for leavers.